Inauguration of the Kohima Reference Library
Reference Library Project

Sylvia May, one of the trustees, together with her husband Robert visited Kohima again during November 2005, this time travelling with veteran Bob Allen and his son.

Inauguration of the Library
Inauguration of the Reference Library Project

The Kohima Reference Library for schools is housed in the main reading room of the Central Kohima Public Library. The shelving was donated by Shurhozelie, a member of the Kohima Advisory Committee, and current Minister for Education. The library will remain there for a couple of years.

The intention is to move the library to its permanent home in the new Town Hall.

Sylvia also launched the Essay competition on the same day. Junior competitors are asked to write about 'My knowledge about the battle of Kohima'. The senior subject is 'Naga contributions to the Battle of Kohima, their impact on Naga Society and the significance of this battle to WW2.'

The idea is to raise awareness amongst students of the history of their own town. Robert May has donated a set of books on the war to the library, which the students are encouraged to use to get the information they need for their essays. Competition is keen. Rob gave a lecture at the High School to around 150 students many of whom circled around him at the end to get extra info.

All students are entering and they have until mid February 2006 to get in their entries. The Trust's chairman, Murray Naylor will be in Kohima at the beginning of March and one of his duties will be to award the prizes.

If you have books you would like to donate, please contact us and kindly provide us with details.

Source: KET Newsletter 2, January 2006