Visit to Phek

Phek village

Pfelie Kesiezie, Headmaster of the Baptist High School in Kohima, made it possible to undertake the very difficult journey to Phek located 75 miles (121 km) east of Kohima.

Weaving is an important cottage industry there. The people of the region belong to different ethnic groups of Mongolian descent; they are referred to as Kirats in the Hindu epic the Mahabharata.

Phek Locals
Phek locals

The visitors met the man who rescued Ray Jackson when his plane crashed, leaving Ray alive but deep inside Japanese occupied territory. He walked out and was helped by the villagers of Phek.

Ray, through the trust, would like to set up a scholarship to give something back to the village and it was with this in mind that the journey was made.

People of Phek
The people of Phek

Source: KET Newsletter No 2, January 2006