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2017 KET Scholarship awards to Naga students full report with photos

2016 KET Scholarship awards to Naga students full report with photos

KET Scholarship Awards 2015

The KET Scholarship Awards took place this year at the same time that a party of 18 soldiers from 2 Signal Regiment were on a battlefield study trip to Nagaland.

KET Scholarships 2015

The Awards Presentation went very well. This is the third consecutive Scholarships Award event that I have been to and it is also Salie’s third event. These last two have improved over the previous years and despite whoever else might have been ‘whispering’ in his ear, it is obvious that it is Salie who actually runs the work side of the show and his attention to detail is apparent by the smooth running of the event. He was helped again by his new wife, his sisters and friends.

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KET Scholarship Awards 2014
A total of 77 scholarships awarded to students

Scholarships 2014

The KET Scholarship Awards in 2014 were presented in the Ura Academy and two KET trustees, Hugh Young and Bob Cook, travelled from the UK for the presentations.  Hugh was accompanied by his wife Anne, and Donald MacLauchlan also came from Scotland to present the six scholarships funded by the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlander Association and the scholarship in memory of his own father who was the padre of the Queen’s Owns Cameron Highlanders at the battle. Read story

KET Scholarship Awards 2010

Scholarships 2010

The KET Scholarships for the year 2010 were awarded on June 18, 2010.  The Treasurer of the Kohima Educational Society (KES), Mr Atuo Mezhur, made his School – Mezhur Higher Secondary School, Kohima – available for the function.  The scholars, who came accompanied either by their parents or their teachers, first filled up forms of their bio-data, writing letters to their donors and photo-sessions.

The main programme began at 12.30 noon.  The members of the KES attending the function were Mr Pheluopfelie (chairman), Mr Atuo Mezhur (treasurer), Talitemjen (member), Rev Khari Longchar (member) and Mrs Grace Savino (member).

The programme, chaired by the Office Manager of the KES, started with an Invocation Prayer by Mrs Grace.  Then the Higher Section of the Mezhur Higher Secondary School sang a welcome song.  This was followed by a speech from the Chairman of the KES, in which he elucidated the history of the KET/KES – its beginning and its functions since its formation – and the scholarship programme.

This was followed by the introduction of the Named (personally sponsored) Scholarships by the Treasurer, who also explained to the scholars about the generation of the scholarship money and stressed the importance of the connection of the scholars with their donors.  The scholars then took turns in going up to the stage and introducing themselves to the gathering.  The Scholarships were then individually awarded by Mr Talitemjen.

The total number of scholarship holders untill last year was 43.  This current year it has increased to 60. The last year’s 20 recipients continue to receive their Scholarships this year.  The remaining 23 scholars have completed their studies which means that they have either completed their schooling (C1-X) or their Higher Secondary Education (C1–X11).  The 40 new recipients bring the total number to 60.

The total Scholarship applicants for the year 2010, was 57.  The 40 selected were unanimously approved by KES members present at a special meeting.  The selections were made with the understanding that the KET/KES wished./wishes to extend its help to the needy and under-privileged students. The selection was also influenced by the consideration that Scholars should come from every tribe of the Nagas.

Of the total number of 60 Scholars only 51 attended the function.  The remaining 9 scholars had their mid-terminal exams.  The Named Scholarships and the Keith Halnan Medical Scholarships were awarded along with the KET Scholarships.  The Named Scholarships were awarded to 29 Scholars and the general Scholarships to 31.

The Keith Halnan Scholarships, as usual, were awarded to four nurses.  In previous years, the nurses from the Oking Hospital in Kohima were the sole beneficiaries of the Scholarship, but over the years, the State Capital has established other Medical Nursing Institutes, and the KES decided that the nurses from those should also benefit. Two nurses from Oking Hospital were selected and the other two from the Paramedical Institute of Nursing, Kohima. The selections of the nurses were done by the Chairman and the Office Manager through personal interviews with the candidates.

Bendang Ozumum, Office Manager, KET

KET Scholarship Awards 2008

Award presentation
Margaret Halnan presents a Nursing Scholarship award

Nursing students journey into Kohima to study at the Central Hospital where they learn essential nursing basics and take the knowledge back to their (often remote) villages where there is little to no medical care. Full knowledge of midwifery is particularly vital in the region.

Such is the dedication of the students that one girl travelled three days to attend the ceremony, one arrived on foot and two came by bus. Another pupil was prevented from making it to the ceremony as a mud slide had closed the road and the bus was unable to reach Kohima. Read more with pictures.