The Trees are All Young on Garrison Hill
A Personal Memoir featuring the Battle of Kohima

Gordon Graham

Readers Comments

“A masterpiece ... should become mandatory reading for Sandhurst cadets and all aspiring military youths.”

“One of the most moving books I have ever read ... my sincere congratulations on writing and publishing this most important historical record.”

“I am touched by the beautiful writing.  The book is so well conceived and balanced.  Together with intensely personal observations, it provides an astonishing amount of information.  There is an immediacy about it, from preface to the epilogue.”

I was deeply moved by your book.  I can understand that the experiences of war will never leave you and probably are the most fundamental of your life.  It is hard to imagine the courage and sacrifice that was expected from you and your friends – and looked upon as something quite natural.”

“I flicked through your book … the next I knew I had read twenty pages.  After supper I read another fifty.  Today before lunch with friends I finished it.  I became really absorbed in it and admiring.  It is a gripping slice of life, a skilful amalgam of personal reminiscence and stories of battle … one of those rare books which is not quite long enough.”

“I congratulate you on your marvellous book.  I was full of admiration for the way you were able to achieve such an air of serenity in spite of all the tragedy that befell you personally and that struck your regimental colleagues.  I also admired your very modest account of your own exploits … few people would have been so reticent.”

“I read the first forty pages and put it down reluctantly with the inexorable approach of bedtime.  Even taking into account my strong personal interest in the story, it’s fair to say that the book is riveting.  It’s also a very personal voice – revealing, droll, with a finely balanced subjectivity.”

“The thing that most impressed me was the structure of the narrative, not only the sequencing, but the deft blending of family history, personal memoir and evocation of the universal, for want of a better term.  The tone was just right, and the gradual revelation of the protagonist was in perfect proportion, supporting the narrative but never overwhelming it.”

The Trees are all Young

The Trees Are All Young on Garrison Hill
A Personal Memoir featuring the Battle of Kohima

Illustrated with maps and photos, including a select bibliography

All royalties go the the Kohima Educational Trust



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