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Health Training in Nagaland 2016

Kohima Educational Society runs the first health training programme in Tuensang, Nagaland – January 2016

Twenty five women from the villages surrounding Tuensang, Nagaland attended a three-day course funded by KET/ KES. The health course was run by local women trained to act as health educators and promoters in their communities.

The Kohima Educational Society provided the programme participants with all necessary food and lodging, and they also took care of their travel expenses.

The following topics were covered during the three days of training, which consisted of group work, interaction and practical sessions.

Mind Your Heath Training Programme:

1. Check blood pressure
2. First Aid
3. How to treat a patient with Diarrhoea and how to make ORS
4. How to treat a patient with high fever

5. How to give an Injection
6. Diet during Pregnancy, Person's hygiene during and after pregnancy
7. Child Psychology
8. Birth Control
9. Joint pain in knees and elbows

10. Cleanliness to prevent diseases and infections
11. How to give counseling to help pregnant women
12. How to care during delivery and care for a newborn baby
13. How to treat high blood pressure
14. Gastricitus which causes cancer
15. Causes of Cancer
16. Malaria and Typhoid
17. Opium addiction

On the final day the following medical instruments were given to each village:

a) Blood Pressure measurement Machine
b) Aqua Check for Diabetes
c) Thermometer for temperature checks
d) Weighing Machine

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