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KET launches the First Glossary of Naga languages

The Kohima Educational Trust (KET) of UK and its Nagaland counterpart Kohima Educational Society (KES) launched the first Naga glossary of the 16 recognized tribe languages of Nagaland on Friday 2 October. The book, Key Words: A Glossary of Sixteen Nagaland Languages was formally released by the Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya at a function held in Hotel Japfü, Kohima.

In the foreword HRH Prince Andrew The Duke of York, says:

“The multi-lingual glossary, published by the KET, is a contribution to inter-tribal understanding by correlating the equivalents of key words in English and in each of the sixteen languages…The KET, of which I am Patron, is eager to foster and enable greater understanding between the Naga people, and this book goes a very long way to create the conditions for this to happen in a remote and wonderful part of the world with, and amongst, a nation of people to whom we owe a great debt.”

Charles Chasie, President, Kohima Educational Society said at the launch:

“The objective of the glossary is for Nagas to learn one another’s languages and to start communicating in them so as to foster a feeling of oneness and belongingness. The second objective is a hope that such work will assist researchers and others but most of all that it may help to protect our tribal languages which are all in the vulnerable or endangered list of languages.”

The new glossary is the result of five year's work.

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the Eastern Mirror – The Morung Express – and the Nagaland Post

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