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Our Finances


The chart below summarises our achievements over our entire history of 18 years, updated to end March 2021.


Thanks to your continuing generosity, our last financial year saw us pass the landmark of £1 million of income, since we were founded 18 years ago. Almost 60% of this has been sent to our sister organisation, KES in Nagaland, with a further £50,000 transferred this first week of our new financial year.

Broadly, for every £1 raised, two thirds goes to Kohima and one third is split between UK costs of administration, communication, commercial (cost of goods sold), fund raising and the annual York commemoration.

Our detailed Statutory Accounts are drawn up to March each year, independently examined and then signed off by your Trustees. Our latest set (to 31/3/20) can be found below.  

If you have any questions at all about our finances, please contact us via the Contact button below and our Treasurer will be delighted to respond, by e-mail preferably.

With many thanks for all your generosity.

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