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Our Finances


The chart below summarises our achievements over our entire history of 19 years, updated August 2022.


The chart illustrates the latest 12 years of our 19 year history, with cumulative achievements to August ‘22. The blue line shows that our cumulative receipts have now comfortably passed the £1 million mark. The grey and orange segments of the columns indicate how we have been quicker, than in the past, to send money to our Naga friends at the Kohima Educational Society. In part this is to take advantage of the strength of the pound and partly to enable them to earn more interest on bank deposits in India than we can in the UK. In total we have transferred some £600,000. 

More importantly, it also reflects the increased success of the Scholarship programme, for which, alongside other long-standing projects, we are remitting as much as we feel we can safely afford. Indeed, we have become increasingly mindful of the several years of schooling for which beneficiary students hope to achieve awards and have needed to tailor awards numbers to a level that we believe we can safely honour. To that end, the growing number of donations specifically for scholarships is a most welcome feature of our recent financial performance. 

These figures encapsulate your collective generosity in giving so much for so long – thank you!

Our detailed Statutory Accounts are drawn up to March each year, independently examined and then signed off by your Trustees. Our latest set (to 31/3/22) can be found below.  

If you have any questions at all about our finances, please contact us via the Contact button below and our Treasurer will be delighted to respond, by e-mail preferably.

With many thanks for all your generosity.

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