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Our flagship scholarship programme supports young Nagas through their secondary education in Kohima and the surrounding area. Scholarships provide support towards school fees, books, travel and uniforms. For many of our scholars, some of whom are orphans or have only one parent, your support means they can stay in school for longer, thereby improving their life chances.

It is clearly best if we can guarantee support for a scholar for the full five years of their secondary schooling but you may prefer to provide support initially for three years. You would then have the option to renew for a further two years at the end of the initial period if you wish.  You can also choose to buy your scholarship as a gift for a family member or friend.

At the annual awards ceremony in Kohima, each scholar is invited to write to his or her donor, and many individual friendships have been formed between donors and scholars. Supporting a scholar makes a direct impact on a young Naga’s life and our scholarship funders find it a rich and rewarding experience.

If you'd like to support a scholarship, however your choice of payment we'd be glad to receive the form so that our scholars can write to you.  Please click the button below to download and complete the order form.  Methods of payment - monthly, annual, or a one-off payment, are listed below. 

View our scholarship leaflet Download and complete the Scholarship Order Form

Your donation will be used to support a scholar through the length of your chosen scholarship. In the event that the scholar fails to complete their education for the required period, your donation will be transferred to another student.