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KET invited to speak to the PWRR

KET invited to speak to the PWRR


KET CEO Sylvia May was kindly invited to visit the PWRR on 25th April 2024 and to give a talk about the battle of Kohima.  

Every year the 2nd battalion PWRR, now part of The Rangers, remember their antecedent regiment, the Royal West Kents, who fought at the battle of Kohima.  The regiment awards a "Kohima Corporal" each year and this year invited Sylvia to join their commemorations. 

Sylvia was delighted to be invited and told the assembled corporals the stories of Jock Young and Lt Col Bruno Brown, moving on to the siege of Kohima, focusing on the enormous contribution made by the Royal West Kents. Defending the area around Kohima presented significant problems; the key feature, Garrison Hill, and a long wooded spur on a high ridge west of the village, were the scene of perhaps the bitterest fighting of the whole Burma campaign. The small area of terrain provided by this ridge and the surrounding area permitted the deployment of only one battalion, the 4th Royal West Kent Regiment.

She also told the story of the attack by ‘B’ Company, The Queen’s Royal Regiment - another antecedent regiement of the PWRR -  on Jail Hill on 10 May 1944. 

KET would like to thank the PWRR/The Rangers very much for their warm welcome and for the opportunity to share the stories of the battle of Kohima with the next generation of soldiers. 


I will then do Naga contribution, 60th Anniversary, KET, what we have done, Remembrance etc etc

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